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Neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal ailments affecting the global population. If left unaddressed, it can create severe hindrances in your daily activities and may even be a cause of disability.

What causes neck pain? Let’s take a closer look.

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Aging Joints

As we age, our joint health begins to deteriorate. This is true for the neck joints as well, and the muscles in these joints can start to wear down as you grow older.

Like it is with the other joints in your body, the neck joints become more susceptible to injury. Their range of motion may decrease, because of which you may find yourself experiencing neck pain more frequently than you used to previously.

Muscle Injury

The neck is a sensitive part of the body that’s especially vulnerable to injuries. Incidents involving a contortion of the neck muscles (e.g., whiplash) can stretch the back muscles and ligaments beyond their optimal range. As a result, they get injured and inflamed, resulting in debilitating neck pain.

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Poor Posture

Finally, let’s not rule out your postural health and work ergonomics. If you spend a significant part of your day hunched over a desk, you’re increasing your chances of triggering neck pain. Sitting in the wrong position for a prolonged time can seriously impact your postural health and cause your neck muscles to weaken.

Work ergonomics aren’t the only things that you need to watch out for, though. Even sleeping in an awkward position or slouching on the couch while watching television can cause muscle stress and neck pain.

Using Massage Products to Relieve Neck Pain

Want to make neck pain a thing of the past? Our massage and relaxation products can help you do this.

Our 4-in-1 Body Massager is the perfect pain-relieving tool. It targets the deep tissue, making it super effective in easing muscle stiffness, ache, and tension. You can easily use this handheld device to soothe your neck pain and give your neck muscles a chance to relax.


Alternately, you can use our percussion massager gun for alleviating neck pain. This handheld tool applies concentrated pressure into the neck muscle tissue, helping loosen knots and releasing built-up muscle tension. It’s especially beneficial for alleviating neck stiffness and soreness.

Browse through our collection of daily life products online today and buy a massage product to help counter that neck pain. We also offer a range of sports and outdoor products, beauty products, and household products.

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