April 30, 2021 2 min read

A kitchen with concealed cabinets and white quartz countertops

Kitchens combine food and design: two things that people love independently, and even more when they come together. The current lockdowns have given everyone plenty of time to develop new skills at home, cooking being one of them.

If you've adopted cooking as your quarantine pastime, you’re probably eager to try out exciting recipes. While that interest may have initially been restricted to the actual cooking, it eventually branches out to your workstation: the kitchen.

You probably have many creative ideas swirling around in your head about how you redesign your kitchen to suit your cooking needs. Before you start, though, these tips may help you design a space you love cooking and spending time in.

Make Your Kitchen Space Functional

Mixing form and function is a timeless kitchen design tenet because the kitchen serves a cosmetic and functional purpose. Ideally, you want to strike a balance between visual and utilitarian appeal. For instance, applying a lacquer finish to your cabinets gives the cabinetry a glossy, appealing appearance while sealing the wood against moisture, heat and humidity.

When choosing materials, think about how they'll affect your kitchen's appearance and longevity and try to balance the two.

You could also use a stovetop liner to keep your stove clean, which is convenient, will ensure your stove doesn’t wear out easily and stays aesthetically appealing.

Concealed Storage and Multipurpose Tools

Open shelving can make your kitchen look bigger, but it comes with a lot of dust-related headaches. Besides that, keeping your kitchen utensils on display can often detract from its aesthetic. Instead, you should opt for simplicity with concealed storage. It'll make your kitchen look sharper and make your kitchen look bigger.

A kitchen with a granite countertop and white cabinetry

Additionally, you should use your space more efficiently with multipurpose tools. This will limit the clutter in your kitchen, making it look better.

For instance, you can use a collapsible chopping board that doubles as a dish tube. This can be stored away when not being used, and its multiple functions make for a more efficient use of space.

Invest in Hard-Wearing Surfaces

The surface you opt for typically depends on how much you use your kitchen. With recent innovations, fabricated materials can mimic the aesthetics of natural materials, whereas natural materials can be sealed to offer the durability of fabricated materials. However, regardless of which material you opt for, you should make sure it's durable and damage-proof.

Get Kitchen Accessories

To put the finishing touches to your kitchen, you should add some accessories to personalize it. For instance, if you like to use your phone while cooking but struggle to hold it while cooking, buy an antigravity phone cover. Besides that, you can deck your kitchen out implements that make the cooking process easier, like a manual garlic presser.

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