May 05, 2021 2 min read

Was fitness part of your New Year’s Resolution this year? It isn’t too late to start working on your goal. To do that, however, you need the right tools and sports products to help you make the most of your experience.

Here are a few fitness investments you should consider making this year.

Fitness Sit Up Bar Assistant

Want to tone your muscles and get that summer body you’ve always wanted? We have just the perfect tool to help you get the results you want.

Our Fitness Sit Up Bar Assistant helps individuals achieve toned abs. The exercise equipment is designed to facilitate your daily home workout sessions and incorporate sit-ups into your routine. The adjustable self-suction sit-up bar feature ensures that the tool is firmly cemented on the ground and doesn’t leave any room for slips or skids. You can place it on all kinds of flooring without worrying about any slipping accidents. Users can also adjust the height of the sit-up bar as per their preferences.

If you’ve been meaning to tone your waist or abdominal muscles, this is the perfect device to get started!

sit-up bar

Adjustable Fitness Hand Grip

For individuals who’re looking to strengthen their grip, we offer the Adjustable Fitness Hand Grip device. This exercise item accommodates up to 60kg of weight. You can adjust the weight range as per your preferences.

The handgrip tool is popular among athletic individuals and sports enthusiasts as it allows them to enhance their handgrip strength significantly. The sturdy and compact design makes it a reliable exercise tool, and the anti-slip feature ensures safety during use.

hand grip device

Waterproof Hydrophobic Hooded Jacket

Exercise equipment isn’t the only thing that should be on your sports shopping list this year. You should also invest in the right apparel.

Take our Waterproof Hydrophobic Hooded Jackets, for instance.  These are made from waterproof yet breathable fabric that provides maximum comfort while also keeping the clothing item dry. The jackets are also heat resistant, which means that you can wear yours even on a hot day. The heatproof nature of the jacket will help keep you cool during your sports activities. Oh, and hey, don’t forget about the minimalistic design that makes these jackets stand out from your usual sportswear clothing!

hydrophobic jacket

At Solueson, we have a huge collection of sports and outdoor products available online. You can use these to optimize your athletic experience. We also offer a range of beauty products, kitchen products, and relaxation products.

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Solueson Inc

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